Top 5 Best Mobile Processor For Gaming in World

Top 5 Best Mobile Processor For Gaming in World

Best Mobile Processor For Gaming

People might buy a phone foreseeing its RAM, camera or battery backup but only gizmo freaks look out for a phone with the Best Mobile Processor. Be smart when buying a smartphone and only choose phones with high-graded processors as they will run better and be cost effective too.

Why is choosing smartphones with the Best Mobile Processor important?

It is said that a processor is responsible for the excellent and smooth performance of your smartphone. Be it opening your applications, internet surfing, or watching movies everything is dependent on it. The better processor you choose the smoother experience you get while performing your tasks.

From receiving to executing every command, along with performing billions of calculations per second your processor makes it easier. If you have an efficient processor then it will directly affect the application you run, whether it’s the music player, drafting simple mail or maybe clicking pictures. Just in case you ignore the processor while choosing your smartphone you may experience stuttering apps and limited network performance.

After knowing the importance of having the best mobile processors now let’s learn about the best 5 processors for mobiles. 

Apple A14 Bionic

Apple has always hogged the limelight for delivering the best and the Apple A14 Bionic is its latest chip, supporting the entire iPhone 12 range. It is the fastest one and is a 64-bit ARMv8.4-A system on a chip. It is built with a bang up to date 5-nanometer manufacturing process.

It is supported by large and high-performance caches which are perfect in size to satisfy the needs of the most demanding and high-end applications. Talking about the GPU, it is said to give the maximum support even at the lowest possible power.


It is Qualcomm’s best mobile processor, and is now even better after the announcement of the Snapdragon 888 Plus. This upgraded model enhances the clock speed, and accelerates the Kryo 680 CPU from 2.84GHz up to 2.995GHz.

If we talk about camera features then it is equipped with a triple image signal processor (ISP) called Qualcomm Spectra 580, which makes it 35 percent faster and better in capturing photos and videos.

Talking about better connectivity it is having Snapdragon X60 modem with support for 5G mmWave in addition to sub-6GHz networks, based on standalone and non-standalone modes.


Another prominent processor is Exynos2100, which is crafted for 5G integration. It also includes a 5G modem with carrier aggregation technology. This helps in delivering download speeds to 7.35Gbps and also allows new applications such as cloud gaming.

Having an efficient CPU, GPU, and NPU makes it battery long lasting. It can support up to six cameras and 200 Mp resolution, making the cameras able to capture every minute details and better zooming. 

Apple A13 Bionic

This processor is supposed to be the best sustained ever on an Apple chip. It has 8.5 billion transistors and uses the advanced second generation 7nm process. Also it is capable of performing 1 trillion operations per second.

It is designed with two high-performance cores running at 2.65 GHz called ‘Lightning’ along with four power-efficient cores called ‘Thunder’. While the two high performance cores are performing 20% faster giving 30% lower power consumption, simultaneously the four high efficiency cores are also executing 20% faster allowing 40% lower power consumption.

Kirin 9000

This is unveiled by Huawei and is a smaller and more energy-efficient 5nm manufacturing process. This processor enhances an integrated 5G modem, which makes it the first 5nm chip to have such a feature. The chip allows upto 6.5Gbps downloads with 5G carrier aggregation. 

Also, its modem gives 5 times faster uploads and 2 times faster downloads. Here the integrated graphics card incorporates the Mali-G78 architecture and features all 24 cores. Considering the AI acceleration, Kirin 9000 is using the Da Vinci Architecture 2.0. 

After discussing the best 5 processors now, let’s discuss some basic queries troubling users.

Which is the Best Processor for gaming?

If reports and surveys are to be true then the Apple A14 Bionic is ranked the best   amongst all.

Which is the Best Mobile Processor for Android?

For android phones till date Snapdragon 888 is the best. It is termed as the fastest, smoothest and intelligent processor amongst its competitors. 

Best Mobile phone with a Snapdragon 888 processor is?

OnePlus 9RT is counted as the best smartphone with a Snapdragon888 processor till date.


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