Privacy Policy

We at 5GTechInfo aim to provide maximum privacy to the user. We have a set of directives that deeply explain our privacy policy to users. Once users agree with our policy we give their data a secured place. Let’s take a quick look at the properties consisting of our privacy policy.

Collection Of Information

Primarily we store some by default data which includes the IP address, operating system of your computer, time, and date along with the browser you are using. This data is stored automatically once you visit our website. It is collected through the use of some small files called cookies. Do not panic as Cookies are already stored in small files on your web browser which allow you to have an individual identity.

Some of the cookies we use do gather your personal data defined by the GDPR combined with other services but with personal data here we mean by your location and IP address.

We do not capture your genetic or biometric data, which may cause any accidents or forgery. To know our visitors better we also keep a track of services you have used recently. Also, cookies help in recording the registration information regarding your login name and password. Another use of cookies is to make you all get rid of advertisements repeatedly along with recording the likes and preferences of users.

Moreover, we allow third parties to use innumerable technologies over the site to closely understand the efficacy of advertising. The third parties like ad servers or network advertisers here are used as a medium to deliver ads to you on our behalf. The third parties may use the cookies or some other technologies to collect some of your non-personal information regarding your site visits and use it to show you the advertisements that might attract your attention. However, we are well aware of the GDPR norms that the cookies used are more than functional, and users are given the privilege to choose whether to use them on the website or not.

The security and Data Controllers

We at 5GTechInfo, follow GDPR and as we are a cloud-based company we consider 3rd parties to process and control data for us. We have chosen vendors that are compatible with GDPR and give the highest standards in data security, storage, and channeling.

How Information Is Used At 5GTechInfo?

The information collected is further used to provide you with the products and services you want. Also, alert you about other products or services that might attract your interest. Few of the information is shared with our business partners as well. Besides them, we also use your contact information for sharing your product and services of your interest.

Also, via using your contact information we get back to you to resolve any questions, problems, or complaints. Sometimes we may merge information regarding your mail ids and others issued by third parties to send in useful information and suggestions to you.

Disclosure of Information

As assured before, we keep your information safe and sound with us and only share it with our reliable third parties who are regularly assisting us in performing necessary functions. Scrutinizing data, marketing analysis or handling payment transactions are few important internal functions that third parties do for us, hence we share with them the personal information connected.

Links to Other Pages and Websites

5GTechInfo has links to other Websites also. These links to other sites or content are for your convenience. Here we do not have control over the content or policies or privacy of such third parties or other sites. In case you share any personal data on the linked pages, it is directly forwarded to that site or a third party and then it is taken care of by their privacy policy.

Updations and Changes

As we keep on refreshing our privacy policy we would like you to keep a check on our updated privacy policy to know the latest changes. By keeping a periodic check on our privacy policy you can always be aware of how we are using your information and who all can access your information from us.

Contact To Us

To give you a secured place to write to us and send in your queries we provide you with a dedicated contact of our website. Given below is the contact information of 5GTechInfo where you can share your suggestions, queries and put up your questions without caring about any breach of information.

If you have any queries regarding our website then write to us @