How to Fix iPhone Black Screen Death issue?

Apple products are easily accessible to people. Therefore, iPhone becomes among the most widely used smartphones for them. They are getting top-notch technology and superior-quality hardware in the applied devices. We started using the iPhone so that we can connect with our family and do work at the same time. Still, it can cause a big hassle in our life if the iPhone stops working. IPhone comes with strong durability but a breakdown can happen in the device. The malfunction occurring in the iPhone device is a common issue, which is as per the Asurion Expert. We call it the black screen of death issue.

What happens when the black screen of death happens on the iPhone? Why does it happen on the iPhone?

Every electronic device comes with its black screen of death in it. The breakdown happening in the laptop and computer is the blue screen of death. Additionally, the game console faces the red ring of death indicating its breakdown.

However, such problems can affect the functioning of the device. The device can become completely non-functional. It can need professional help for its repair. The black screen of death is happening in the iPhone device in which the screen becomes black. The touch response stops working on the iPhone.

You can find that the vibrations and sounds are occurring on the phone. Therefore, it shows that the phone is working. It is an immensely frustrating issue to handle it. The phone without the screen visibility is like a vibrating paperweight.

Now, our life is completely dependent on technology. Asurion experts revealed the tools and experience, which help handle the black screen of death in the iPhone. Their tools and experiences are functional to repair the 6000+ devices.

Many of these devices faced the issues of the screen of death. However, it is irreversible to repair a few of these devices. The experts recommend some tactics to follow which can diagnose and troubleshoot the black screen of death issue happening in the iPhone.

Troubleshooting tips for the black screen of death

Damage to the black screen of death can happen due to screen damage because of a bad drop or accident. The components are connected to the screen and the motherboard server of the phone becomes irresponsive. The issues of the black screen can happen due to software issues in the device. Follow the troubling tips, which are helpful to repair the black screen of death.

  • Battery Drain Issue

A battery drain issue can be the reason behind the black screen issue in the iPhone. You need to look for the battery problem in the apple device. Connect your iPhone with the power-functioning source. Then, wait for time so that the device can respond. Apple logo appears on the screen the device is functioning properly. However, the vibrating sound comes from the phone. The device has a black screen issue.

  • Malfunctioning in-app software

Malfunctions occurring in the app software can affect its functioning that causes the black screen of death. It indicates the current software in the iPhone is not compatible to run that application on it. Press the home button twice to access the apps on the iPhone. Close the app after using them. The iPhone home screen appears on it. However, if a blank screen appears then, there is a big issue with the phone.

  • iPhone forced restart

Force restart can help to clear the app malfunctioning temporarily from the phone. Still, you don’t find it helpful advice to follow it. You can apply the iPhone restart, which can help temporarily to remove stuff that affects its functionality.

  • Boot up iPhone in recovery mode

None of the above troubleshooting tips helped to solve the black screen death issue in the phone. Consider the following boot up the iPhone in the recovery mode. IPhone comes with a troubleshooting tool known as the recovery mode. It allows one to diagnose the problems in the iPhone and solve them properly.

Steps to boot up the iPhone in the recovery mode

  1. Use the appropriate cable to connect the iPhone to the computer.
  2. Open iTunes on the iPhone when it is plugged into the computer.
  3. Then, the next step is to open iPhone the and press the volume up and down of it.
  4. Hold the side power button of the iPhone until you see the recovery mode screen on your device. It can take around 10 seconds to recover the mode screen.
  5. You can get the option to update the OS or restore the backup of the iPhone.
  6. Factory Reset

After following all these tips, your phone is facing the black screen death problem. It is time to consider doing a factory reset of the phone. Try to do the factory reset on your phone at last. It happens that you may lose your phone data. Still, there is a bug making your phone unresponsive. Therefore, you should try the factory reset option on the iPhone.


We shared the troubleshooting tips, which can help users to resolve the black screen issue happening in the iPhone. Follow these tips carefully. If the black screen death issue does not resolve in your iPhone consult the technician. There may be something serious with the iPhone.

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