How To Take Screenshot On Apple iPhone 12?

How To Take Screenshot or Screen Capture On Apple iPhone 12?

How To Take Screenshot On Apple iPhone 12

The ability to take screenshots, or to capture in a photograph what is displayed on the screen at that particular instant on your Apple iPhone 12, is a feature that is crucial to modern mobile devices and tablets.

There are programs that can do this, but fortunately, you don’t need to install any extra software because it comes with the iOS 14.1 operating system. When you take a screenshot, your Apple device’s memory can store that WhatsApp conversation, Tinder message, Instagram story, Facebook snapshot, or video frame.

Apple has thankfully made the process quite simple and easy to understand, taking barely a minute. A simple tutorial on how to Take A Screenshot on Apple iPhone 12 is provided below.

Method 1- Using Face ID

  1. In the same motion, press both the sleep/wake and volume-up buttons on the phone’s right and left sides, respectively.
  2. You’re under no obligation to keep them in. The press release follows a brief press conference.
  3. If you time it just so, you’ll see a screen flash and a tiny preview image.
  4. Your iPhone will give you the choice to switch off your phone if you do push the buttons for an excessive amount of time.
  5. If you continue to hold, the Emergency SOS feature, which automatically calls for assistance, will be activated. You shouldn’t do that action! Just a quick press.
  6. You may tap on the screenshot’s preview image, just like on iPhones with a home button, to edit and share it.
  7. Even with the preview image in the screen corner, you can continue to take screenshots. Additional screenshots of iOS don’t show that.

You can tap on the preview to go to the Markup screen if you wish to add something to the snapshot. The screenshot can be annotated using several tools, such as a highlighter, or a number of shapes, such as an arrow and a speech bubble, can all be added.

Finally, there is a magnification if you wish to make something in the screenshot more visible.If you want to share it right away, there is a sharing button in the upper-right corner of the Markup preview.

Simply locate the image in Photos and touch on the overflow menu button in the top-right corner to access the Markup screen later. Then select Markup from the menu below. You may use Markup on any photo; it’s not just for screenshots.

Method 2- Using Home Button

  1. Press the home button and the sleep/wake button simultaneously if you have the new iPhone SE or any iPhone with a home button for that matter.
  2. Once more, you don’t have to keep the buttons depressed for very long. In actuality, nothing will happen if you do that.
  3. A rapid press is used. Your phone will make a camera shutter sound and a screenshot thumbnail preview will glidingly go to the bottom corner of the screen.

After that, you may either continue capturing screenshots (the thumbnail won’t appear, so don’t worry), or you can press on the image to modify and share it.

How does the Apple iPhone 12 capture a whole page?

First of all, you should be aware that this approach only functions with Apple’s Safari browser. As a result, you should open the website to which you want to perform the whole capture with scroll using the Safari browser.

Using the method described above, take a screenshot of your Apple iPhone 12’s screen. When you do, a thumbnail will appear in the lower left corner of the screen. Click the thumbnail to open the screenshot editing application. The text “Full page” will appear at the top right; click it to view the full screenshot and the scroll bar on the right side of the screen.

By selecting the arrow icon in the top right corner of the screen, you can now annotate the snapshot, add a drawing, crop it, rotate it, and share it. Press “Done” to save your work and add it to the photo gallery.

How to take a screenshot of CarPlay or additional displays on an iPhone 12?

So how can you take a screenshot on an iPad or iPhone 12 with other devices connected, like a CarPlay or an external HDMI display? On this screen, those displays will be shown.

You may quickly save those screenshots (marked up or not) to your camera roll for convenient sharing by taking a screenshot as you normally would using the previous procedures.


Even while taking screenshots is a common smartphone feature, there is more to it than meets the eye, at least on iOS. The good news is that Apple has significantly enhanced its screenshot tool, allowing you to do much more with a screenshot once you have it. Fortunately, taking a screenshot is still only a few button presses away.

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