Tricky the Clown | Tricky Madness Combat 2023

Tricky the Clown | Tricky Madness Combat 2023

Tricky The Clown

Tricky The Clown is a clown who appears in the classic Newgrounds flash game Friday Night Funkin’ during his appearance on The Lollipop Club. He has an odd and frightened look on his face which can be unsettling for some.

Tricky Lore

This is Tricky the Clown, an assassin whose story goes all the way back to the Madness Combat series. He has been killed 13 times, and he is able to revive by using improbability drive. Also, he can warp the very fabric of reality – exactly what’s needed when your next target is a demon…


Well, we can’t say enough about Hank the Killer Clown. He’s got the most fearsome teeth, and his mouth is an open invitation for blood to be spilled. With that in mind, it’s not hard to figure out why he’s such a popular character among children and adults alike – he stands for everything that is terrifyingly creepy and dreadful: darkness, terror, death and evil.

In Toxic Avenger, Kane played a toxic waste cleaning company called C-IR. When his nemesis Toxie swoops into town and dumps toxic waste on him at the airport, he becomes enraged and turns into a hulking, green blob of body parts known as the Toxic Avenger.

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