Elden Ring Spellblade Build | Elden Ring Prisoner Build | Prisoner Build Elden Ring

Elden Ring Spellblade Build | Elden Ring Prisoner Build | Prisoner Build Elden Ring

Elden Ring Spellblade Build

If you’re looking for a good starting Spellblade Build, then this guide will show you my personal recommendation on the best build for beginners.

This Elden Blade Build is optimized for survivability and damage output but still offers great mobility when used correctly.

Prisoner Class

As a Spellblade, you’ll want to get Sorceries ASAP. They are incredibly strong and are perfect for any late-game content you may be doing. The prisoner class starts the game with an “S dock” which is a weapon that scales with dexterity.

Also, it comes with a staff and a really good spell early on, which is great for the early game. Once you’ve got your bearings and have finished some of the very early game content, you’ll want to get sorceries.

The prisoner Class is for people who have played the game before and have more powerful spells. It would be a good idea to build your sorcerer first because it will improve your character greatly.

You can also find some powerful spells in the rune stone up on a hill that is being guarded by enemies but can easily be broken through with a few direct hits from the blunderbuss. The other waypoint area is close to where you start, and there are many little missions you can take.

Early Spells

In some of your early levels, you will want to make sure that you select a support spell for your combat. This should include Glenstone Pebble and Scholars Armaments. Both are very helpful in terms of adding damage to your character and providing enhancements for other combat abilities.

Carrion Slicer is needed for an extra cut from mobs, but rather than being a combat spell it is more useful in the early levels for cutting back on environmental dangers.

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