How To Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G?

How To Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G?

Samsung’s Android is used by millions of people. One of the most amazing features of Samsung mobiles is the screenshot. Screenshots are very helpful in various things. You can save your notes, receipt, etc. With the help of this feature. But some people don’t know how they can capture their screen. Are you one of them? Or do you want to know all the methods available? Whoever you are, just read the article till the end. As I will walk you through all the methods of how to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Z fold3 5G.

5 Methods To Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Z fold3 5G?

Samsung is a brand trusted by millions of people. It isn’t difficult to take screenshots on this android. Following are the methods and steps that you require to take-

Method 1 – Using Assistant menu

The assistant menu is a way that might not already be enabled. So look whether it is enabled or not.

A circular bar appears on the screen if it is enabled. So if you don’t see that; enable it by following the below-listed steps-

  • Visit the settings.
  • Look for the accessibility function.
  • Tap on the interaction and dexterity columns.
  • Tap on the “enable assistant menu” section.

After this, you can click on the circular bar to capture your screen.

Method 2 – Using Palm Sliding

In this method, you don’t need to use your fingers or voice. You have to use your palm to capture the screen.

Try sliding your palm from left to right or vice-versa. If the screenshot is taken, it’s good; otherwise, you have to enable the option first.

How can you do that? Below mentioned are the steps-

  1. Open the settings of your Samsung device and then look for the ” advanced features” section.
  2. Click on it and then click on “motions and gestures.”
  3. After clicking on it, tap on the “enable palm swipe” option.

Method 3 – Using notification Bar

In this method, you just need to move down your notification bar to capture your screen.

Here are the steps-

  1. Move down your notification bar.
  2. Look for the long screenshot option; after finding it, tap on it.
  3. That’s it.

Taking a screenshot via this method is easy, but sometimes, you have to add the long screenshot option to the notification bar.

Following are the steps to add the long screenshot option to your notification bar-

  1. Open the settings and then the advanced features
  2. Enable screenshot toolbar from there.

That’s it, and the feature is added to your notification bar successfully.

Method 4 – Using Power and Volume Down Button

This is the oldest method in which you only need to press both buttons simultaneously.

Release it after a while, and your screen is captured successfully.

Method 5 – Using Google Assistant

Isn’t it amazing that you can capture your screen with your voice? No use of hands or palms.

Want to try this method? Just follow the steps-

  • Long press the home button and command the google assistant to capture your screen.

If you directly want to share or edit it, you can command your assistant, and it will follow the command. If you are commanding to share, it will ask you whom you want to share it with, and once answered, it will share the captured screen.

Share and edit

After capturing your screen by every method, two options will be displayed on your screen-

  • Share
  • Edit

You can do the respective thing by clicking on these, so if you want to share or edit it, click on the option.

The screenshot will automatically be saved in your gallery if you don’t click on any.

You can use these five in-built features to capture your screen in Samsung Z fold3 5G. Although you can also download third-party apps to do so. But I don’t think that you will need it because you have these five amazing options.



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