Chat GPT vs Bard AI: All You Need To Know

Chat GPT vs Bard AI: All You Need To Know

Chat GPT vs Bard AI

The two prominent chatbots available in 2023 are Bard AI vs Chat GPT. These two chatbots offer natural language responses to the users on their input.

It happens with machine learning and the data craft inputs, which makes the information readily available to the users.

Still, the question comes which is better Chat GPT vs Bard AI? The new AI took the storm across with the launch of these chatbots.

Chat GPT

Chat GPT is available in browsers including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Bing. Open AI developed the Chat GPT. The software name is Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer.

The users who want to start using the Chat GPT can use its website i.e. Then, they can get the benefit to use the Chat GPT to get the natural language responses to their questions.

Furthermore, enter the email address and mobile number on the Chat GPT website. It gives you access to log in to the website and start using it.

Google Bard AI 

Google Bard AI is its beta version. The website access is not available to the public. Soon, the company will make an official announcement of the launch of the Google Bard AI to the public.

Bard AI uses the Language Model for the Dialogue Applications language. It is developed using the AI model that is GPT 3. Google team is working on designing a proper framework for their chatbot so that; people can get natural responses when they put any input in it.

Which chatbot is better in its functionality Chat GPT vs Bard AI?

Now, it is a tricky question to answer which chatbot is effective in its functionality Chat GPT vs Bard AI? Bard AI is not available for public use. You are in the group of the early selectors. Then, you can get access using Google Bard AI.

Its competitor is Chat GPT, which is available for public use. It is free to use it. Chat GPT is a popular AI application; you have to stay on the waiting list to get access. You can skip the waiting list. The paid version of the Chat GPT offers a variety of tools that you cannot get in the free one. Here is the privilege option available for the people who are using the paid version of Chat GPT. Soon, Google Bard AI will widely available to the public. People can get credible options from Google Bard AI and Chat GPT.

Both of these chatbots are functioning on the natural language models. Google Bard AI functions on the LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications). On the other hand, Chat GPT uses the older model, which is the GPT-3 language model.

Bard AI can give more accurate responses to the present information available. However, Chat GPT is designed can work on the information which is available in 2022 and earlier. Therefore, the old technology used in Chat GPT makes it less accurate in giving the proper answers to user queries.

It will take time to reveal which chatbot is working well from Chat GPT and Google Bard AI. We are waiting to use Google Bard AI. Soon, Google can make the official announcement when Google Bard AI can be available for public use.

How Chat GPT is different from Google Bard AI?

Chat GPT and Google Bard AI are similar in the function of the natural language AI system. There are some differences between these two chatbots. These two chatbots are designed to use in different ways.

Now, the design of the Chat GPT is to answer the direct questions asked by the people. The people associated with the white-collar jobs of writers, SEO advisors, and copywriters are under the stress of their job loss. Chat GPT is becoming famous for its creativity. Meanwhile, Microsoft integrated Chat GPT so it is available in its search engine Bing.

Still, the issues are with Chat GPT on grammar and plagiarism. Opera browser is planning to integrate the Chat GPT in the future. Searching the keywords online can become easy with the integration of Chat GPT in search engines.

The design of Bard AI is augmenting the Google search engine only. Soon, it can start providing automated support services to businesses too. A well-trained AI responder is available to give accurate answers to the customers.

It can integrate chrome and chromium derivates for a long time. Bard AI will become open to third-party developers in the future. It is using the LaMDA language model. Meanwhile, Chat GPT uses its own GPT-3 language model. It works only on the data collected before 2022.

Bard AI is facing accuracy issues in answering people’s questions in its trial phase. Still, the questions are on the accuracy and functioning of Bard AI. Chat GPT comes with an in-built plagiarism checker in it. There is no such system available in Bard AI.

Comparison between Chat GPT and Bard AI

Chat GPT Bard AI
Chat GPT is accessible for public use for queries written in text format. Bard AI integrated using the Google search engine so, the person can make changes in the settings and get the search results accordingly.
Chat GPT can give answers through the sources available in the trained format 2022 and prior. Google’s Bard AI can answer people’s queries in real-time.
It functions on the language model of GPT 3. On the other hand, Bard AI functions on its language mode which is LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications).
The services are available in free and paid versions (Chat GPT plus) for the public. The service of Bard AI is available for free.
The in-built plagiarism detector tool is GPT-2 output. There is no in-built plagiarism tool is available in it.
Chat GPT is available now for people to write and search for queries. Bard AI is in its beta phase. Soon, the company will announce its launch date.


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