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Effects of 5G Wireless Communication on Human Health

5G Wireless Communication Effects

World is welcoming the 5g Wireless Communication technology wholeheartedly as it will take us to the next level of living, with everything automated and advanced. However, few researchers have claimed that this improvised wireless network system is going to have an adverse effect on human health.

We all know that 5g uses electromagnetic waves, hence the concern is the increased exposure of human beings to electromagnetic radiation. Scientists and researchers have warned that such high frequency waves can impact our health.

What do we mean by Electromagnetic Radiation?

Before knowing the adverse effects of the 5g wireless network on human health let’s first know what an electromagnetic field is. Basically, it is a form of energy that occurs as a result of the flow of electricity. After the electric current flows it creates magnetic fields, which form electromagnetic fields.

These EMFs exist in a spectrum consisting of different wavelengths and frequencies, which are measured in hertz (Hz).

According to researchers, these radiations are very potent and carry adequate energy to break apart molecules which can cause heavy damage to the human body.

Harmful Effects of 5G Wireless Communication

Usually, mobile phones or electronic devices are the major emitter of RF-EMFs to humans.It is said that higher exposure to radiofrequency or electromagnetic waves can elevate the temperature of the exposed tissues, causing burns and other issues. Let;s take a close view of what health hazards it may cause.

Tissue Heating

Few studies showed that mobile phones using frequencies of about 1.8 to 2.2 GHz can cause tissue heating.

When your skin absorbs electromagnetic energy and causes a slight rise in temperature in your brain and body then it is termed a tissue heating.

Also, the study showed that elderly people got more affected with it as older individuals tend to have thinner skin and reduced blood flow. It also mentioned that the higher the EMFs, the more they are absorbed.

Cognitive Function

Some observers found that using a mobile phone can damage your cognitive function. According to the study, it was observed that people using a mobile phone for more than 90 minutes a day are associated with attention difficulties.


Few studies have found that the radiantions coming out from mobile phones might lead to glioma, a kind of brain cancer.

5G and Health Controversy


One most eye-catching and recent controversy sighted was 5g and covid19. It said that the emitting waves from the 5g network is spreading this virus.

However, it was proven totally wrong and just a myth, as COVID-19 which is spread through respiratory droplets from other people. Notably, the virus does not travel via any radio waves.

Immune System

After the Covid-19 myth started another controversy came to light which said that high radiation can damage immunity.

Taking in reference to the studies done, it is shown that exposure to high-power radio waves can increase the core body temperature, causing a temporary effect on the immune system.

It was also being studied if low level radio wave exposure from any telecommunications sources like 5G can impact the immune system but till now nothing relevant came out.


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