5G Vs LTE[4G]: Difference Between 5G and LTE[4G]

After all the hush-hush, now 5G is rolled out and is giving consumers a smooth network system and high-speed data sharing experience. However, at many places, consumers are still working with the former technology i.e. LTE (Long-Term Evolution).

Launched in the year 2009, it did take LTE a little time to prove itself a reliable and stable source of network globally.

Now that LTE has become an important part of the connectivity fabric globally, it raises the question of whether replacing it with the advanced 5G is important or not. To know it better first let’s learn what both have to offer.

Difference between 5G and LTE

As a layman, you can say that it is just the improvised version of the previous 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks but in reality the 5G is setting a new standard of the mobile network making it wireless globally. This new network is designed to connect everyone and everything virtually. This also includes machines, objects, and devices.

This upgraded wireless technology has a lot to offer like higher data speeds, ultra-low latency and more reliability along with extensive network capacity. Not to forget, increased availability, and a more uniform user experience, are other few important features of this advanced network. Last but not the least, is its better performance with higher efficiency, which enables new user experiences along with connecting new industries.

After introducing 5G now let’s discuss LTE or Long Term Evolution. The International Telegraph Union Radiocommunication established LTE as a standard to regulate a way of indicating progress towards true 4G. This process was used to help those telecoms companies that weren’t able to clear the parameter to be labeled as providing 4G speeds.

Why use 5G?

The high-speed data, massive network capacity and increased availability are enough reasons to use 5G but still there are many more reasons to include it in our life.

5G means more speed and capacity hence people using 5G can connect more devices along with getting better speed. Also, now devices are coming compatible with 5G thus it means one has to have 5g to enjoy use the latest and upgraded devices.

Why having 5G is so significant?

No doubt 5G is running on the same radio frequencies that are presently being used for any smartphone, be it on Wi-Fi networks or in satellite communications, still it enables technology to expand its wings wider.

Besides, downloading any lengthy file or a full-length high-quality movie to your phone in seconds, 5G is more about connecting things everywhere and anywhere more reliably. It helps people to analyze and handle things going on in real-time.

Benefits of 5G

It is a technology that will bring a rapid change in industries and provide immediate impact for customers, in a faster and efficient way.

It is being visualized that in a 5G-powered tomorrow, the entire supply chain can be fundamentally redesigned. With its gigabit speeds, 5G Ultra Wideband can be treated as the source that can make connected cars, control traffic by using cloud connect. It has limitless possibilities to upgrade healthcare along with bringing gaming to the next level.

5G and Future

5g is the big deal of the future and that is because unlike before now after introducing 5g one can access high-frequency millimeter radio waves, between 30 and 300 Gigahertz. Also, the devices that will run on the standard of 5G NR (new radio), are not required to be connected to wifi hotspots, which means it will bring in the era of continuous connectivity, and high-speed data transmission.

Changes 5g Will Bring

Like being said that 5g is going to be a game-changer but not many understand how this upgraded network will change everything. So let’s take a quick view.

Advancing society: By advancing society we mean making living better by using constant connectivity. For instance- more vehicles connected smartly to avoid any road collision or upgraded electricity grids that emit less carbon. Better weather updates or high-frequency sensors to detect the slightest change in the climate. With better networks, even people in remote areas can consult health issues quickly.

Upgrading Industrial Infrastructure: 5G caters tensile, structured, and responsible business with its high-speed network and constant connectivity hence enhancing industrial standards. Like it can help in creating digital replicas to warn of any flaw in real machinery beforehand. Also, one can improve its logistic network by autonomously routing goods. It can help in tracing any item in particular be it warehouse or port. Not only in industry but also we can use 5g in growing crops efficiently.

Escalating Experiences: Imagine using this high-speed network for elevating entertainment and educational platforms. Like bringing a bit more realistic touch to virtual reality or augmented reality. Various improvised methods of teaching via entrancing contents. Also, doing group discussions or virtual meetings will help in boosting productivity.

Health Risk Of 5G

Though a lot has been said for 5g that it might endanger birds and harm humankind but nothing major has been concluded. While many also liked 5G with Covid, claiming that it is causing this disease but again nothing relevant was driven out of the speculations.

However, tissue heating has been only one issue that has gained attention from all the chaos. With tissue heating, we mean that when your skin comes in contact with electromagnetic waves or energy it causes

a slight rise in the temperature of your brain and body.

It was said that if the frequency is increased less penetration of energy will happen into the body tissues but the absorption of the energy will become more limited to the exterior of the body, precisely skin, and eyes.

Also, some researchers said that using 5G can harm cognitive function. Like, using a phone over 90 minutes a day can cause people to have issues remembering something or thinking or understanding something.

Many researchers have also said that electromagnetic field radiation from mobile phones can trigger chances of brain cancer.

Myths About 5G and Health

From the day 5G was released certain claims concerning health issues have been highlighted which eventually turned out to be false. Some of these include COVID-19 vaccines containing 5G microchips or 5G release news being used as a shield to cover up the COVID-19 pandemic. Some also said that 5g weakens your immune system, hence you can get affected by Covid 19 easily. Also, some researchers mentioned 5G causing headaches, migraines, anxiety, or dizziness

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