Best Tax Software of 2023 | [H&R Block | TurboTax | Jackson Hewitt | Cash App Taxes | TaxSlayer]

Best Tax Software of 2023

Best Tax Software

It’s tax time again. Tax season is just around the corner, and if you’re ready to file your taxes for 2023 but not sure where to start, our ratings for Best Tax Software and Best Mobile Tax Apps will help. TurboTax, H&R Block, Cash App Taxes, Jackson Hewitt, and TaxSlayer all make our ratings this year. The top-rated companies feature mobile tax apps, drop-off, and in-person services that could make your tax filing easier than ever. Look into these options now so your return doesn’t have to pile up on the kitchen counter until April 15th!

Top 5 Best Tax Software of 2023

  1. H&R Block
  2. TurboTax
  3. Jackson Hewitt
  4. CashApp Taxes
  5. TaxSlayer

H&R Block: Best Tax Software Filing Options

H&R Block’s software is the best tax filing option for you if you want software that can handle complex tax situations, a question-and-answer format, and in-person or drop-off services. There are four online versions starting at $0 up to $109.99 for its top tier; state filings are an additional $36.99 each. With over 11,000 offices across the country, H&R Block includes the option of in-person or drop-off tax preparation if you don’t have the time to file on your own.

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TurboTax: Best Tax Software Overall

TurboTax is a tool for those with the knowledge and desire to complete their taxes. If you are more comfortable with online filing, then TurboTax is your best option. The free version can answer most questions and help you complete your return in less than one hour. Users can access professional assistance as well as documentation on their software or via phone calls during tax season. Faster than ever, TurboTax keeps records of all previous years’ returns and keeps track of how much time it takes you to do each year’s return. This data helps them determine how much time it will take to provide you with the best service based on the need level and complexity of your return.

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Jackson Hewitt

With more than 6,000 locations across the country, Jackson Hewitt offers in-person tax services through its nearly 6,000 offices. The company has low-cost online options that start at $25 to file federal and state returns. Its software follows a step-by-step format, while its guarantees for accuracy, maximum refund, and satisfaction give you confidence as you file. When filing your taxes with an expert or using its drop-off service, you can get online help from a tax professional when filing or using the app. If you want your refund quickly and with no interest charge on a prepaid card then Jackson Hewitt offers a refund advance for up to $3,500 given on a prepaid card.

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Cash App Taxes

The Cash App Taxes software is the most affordable tax software of 2023 because it’s free to file your federal and one-state tax returns. To use the software, you must download the Cash App mobile app to your cell phone or computer. The company says you can get your refund up to two days faster if you deposit it into your Cash App account. It offers a guarantee to get you the maximum refund possible but misses out on complex tax situations and residents of Montana are unable to e-file through Cash App Taxes.

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TaxSlayer offers four options for completing your tax return online. With its pricing beginning at $9.99, you can skip the paperwork and use the TaxSlayer app to file from anywhere you have access to Wi-Fi. If you’re looking for help, the company also offers live chat along with the ability to ask a tax pro at any time during your return filing process.

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These are the Best Tax Software that is designed to help you get your taxes done quickly and easily. They provide an easy way to file, calculate, and save money by working through the questions. You can also access additional tools such as identity protection, credit score information, and more.

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